Increasing Your PM Services Revenues

Borg Linked allows you to increase your parts and PM services revenues by enabling the following:

  • Direct link from your customer to you
  • Insight on your customer's fleet

Direct link from your customer to you

As a Borg Linked customer, Borg Solutions allows you to provide our Borg Fleet starter edition to your customers a no charge. This will allow for the following:

  • Your customer can now request services from you at the click of a button.
    Their account will be linked to you, all they have to do is click "Request Service from Provider". You will receive the request in real time.
  • You can "push" to their screen special that you are running on services.

Borg Linked also allows you to enter the performed work in your interface which in return will appear in your customers application as outsource work order ready for payment.

Insight on your customer's fleet

You will have insight onto the fleet of your customer allowing you to preemptively offer PM services when their fleet needs it, even before they could contact another supplier - now that's customer service, right?

Because Borg Fleet's support of GPS/Telematic devices, you can also provide a live monitoring option to your contract customer allowing you to further monitor and plan your services at the lowest cost, giving you another competitive advantage.

Don't Take Our Word for It.

"Borg Fleet gives me a comprehensive tool to control my fleet, track my inventory, work orders, personnel and more. To me this is the biggest bargain available to our industry today!"

Robert Spooner, Director of Maintenance - Hecor, Inc.

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