Work Order Management

Doing the right work at the right time

Borg's Work Order Management system leverages the integration of all the business elements − assets, parts and employees − to provide a streamlined process aimed at increasing efficiencies and recuding cost.

Maintenance Scheduling

Maintenance Scheduling

Borg's Maintenance Scheduling System constantly analyzes each asset and informs you when a work order needs to be created up to 90 days in advance; thereby it allows you to proactively plan your parts and labor needs for maximum efficiency.

Part Management

Parts Management

Leveraging Borg's Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine, Borg Fleet learns about your parts requirements for work order tasks you perform and recommends parts needed for each task. Furthermore, inventory levels are continually monitored and you are notified when additional parts need to be ordered.

Employee Management

Employee Management

Assign employees to tasks and Borg Fleet analyzes the hours worked and automatically assesses over-time and generates timesheets. Our Labor Management system also allows you to monitor employee efficiencies such as actual time to perform tasks vs time allocated.

Borg's Work Order Management integration of analytics and control eliminates over and under maintenance, improves inventory management, creates a more effective workforce, and enables you to easily identify where efficiencies can be improved. The combination of all the elements maximizes your ability to control parts and shipping costs, minimizes labor expenses, reduces repairs, and increases asset availability.

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Don't Take Our Word for It.

"Borg Fleet gives me a comprehensive tool to control my fleet, track my inventory, work orders, personnel and more. To me this is the biggest bargain available to our industry today!"

Robert Spooner, Director of Maintenance - Hecor, Inc.

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