Employee Management

Employee Management

Empower Your Most Important Assets, Your Employees

Whether you need to assess driver behavior to minimize fuel expenses or assess the efficiency of your maintenance staff, Borg Fleet helps ensure your employees are as effective as possible with their daily activities.

Employee Resources

Resource Allocation

Ineffective resource allocation can lead to huge labor expense increases if employees are improperly routed, have too much or too little work scheduled, or are simply waiting on assets to become available. Through proper maintenance scheduling, work order management, and driver assignment, Borg Fleet ensures your employees are always effectively allocated to minimize labor expense and staffing requirements.

Employee Control

Resource Control

Borg Fleet enables you to accurately gauge the effectiveness of your employees. Detailed analysis on actual maintenance task completion time versus projected completion time is available to ensure your maintenance staff is operating at maximum efficiency. With the additon of telematics, you can minimize fuel expenses and ensure driver safety through the analysis of driver behavior data and immediate notification of key operational alerts.


Time Management and Reporting

Borg Fleet's labor reporting allows you to track actual work hours versus reported hours for your maintenance staff. In addition, Borg Fleet provides the utilization reports necessary to assess the miles driven or hours of operation for each driver while also providing the information needed to complete DOT filings.

Your employees are your most important resource. Borg Fleet helps you get the most from your employees by ensuring they are effectively allocated, have the information they need to complete their work quickly and safely, and you are able to control your labor expenses and avoid over-staffing.

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Don't Take Our Word for It.

"Borg Fleet gives me a comprehensive tool to control my fleet, track my inventory, work orders, personnel and more. To me this is the biggest bargain available to our industry today!"

Robert Spooner, Director of Maintenance - Hecor, Inc.

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