BorgSolutions Introduces World’s First Fleet Maintenance Software for Dealers: Borg Fleet Linked Edition

Borg Fleet’s Linked Edition Provides Dealers with Increased Sales and Marketing Opportunities

AUSTIN, Texas - (Business Wire) BorgSolutions, the leading provider of fleet management solutions that reduce operating, labor and other costs for construction, oil & gas, fleet rental and transportation companies, today introduced Borg Fleet Linked Edition, the industry’s first fleet maintenance management solution built specifically for the dealer/ supplier. A module built onto Borg Fleet, BorgSolutions’ fleet maintenance management solution, the Linked Edition allows dealers/ service providers to communicate directly with their customers; automating parts and service requests, all aspects of invoice and financial tracking as well as market directly to their customers - vastly increasing sales opportunities.

Borg Fleet Linked Edition functions as a module built onto Borg Fleet, offering additional views and functionalities well beyond its fleet maintenance management solution. Designed specifically for the dealer/ supplier industry, the Linked Edition is an improvement on Borg Fleet’s Web-based software-as-a-service, which utilizes a proprietary technology that facilitates predictive maintenance, streamlined work orders, fuel and inventory management, resource allocation, repair scenarios and scheduling through real-time data collection and analytics. It acts as a real-time, direct connection for a preferred dealer/ service provider to the end-user fleet manager.

This user-friendly interface allows for parts and service requests to be handled through the system at a click of a button, manages all back office aspects including work orders, invoicing, service allocations, etc. and provides a constant link from which the dealer can advertize specials and market products directly to their customers.

“We understand that for those equipment and supplier dealers that service fleet industries, sales have taken a downturn in the past year,” said Chris Borg, CEO, BorgSolutions. “Dealers/ service providers are looking to increase service and parts sales as well as boost customer retention. Out of this need, BorgSolutions has created Borg Fleet Linked Edition; a true link for dealers and service providers to communicate, in real-time with their customers, provide better service and increase sales and marketing opportunities.”

Borg Fleet Linked Edition’s highlights offered for dealers/ service providers include:

Receive parts and service requests through the system in real-time

Customers are able to provide the necessary data of the parts needed or service requested at a click of a button. There is no need to go outside the system, fill out a vendor request form, or make a call; thus cutting down the time of parts delivery and/or vehicle service, and erasing human error.

Manage all back office aspects on service and parts requests

Through the system, the dealer/ service provider is able to track all costs associated with parts requests and/or maintenance service provided, including 3rd party invoicing, maintenance crew hours, allocation of parts, etc.

Monitor customer’s equipment to better understand needs/ requirements

If the customer chooses to list the dealer as preferred, the dealer can have access to select equipment data gathered by Borg Fleet. This data will allow the dealer have a better understand on what their customer is in need of, and to be able to supply those parts and service needed on a more timely basis.

Market products and service specials to the customer

A preferred dealer will have specific, detailed knowledge of their customer’s fleet. That dealer is able to market parts and service specials that will be targeted directly to their customer’s needs. The additional opportunities for increased sales and customer service will greatly benefit both the dealer and fleet manager.

“Borg Fleet Linked Edition helps us provide better service to our customers,” said Kirby Carpenter, President, Texana Machinery, a supplier/ dealer signed on with Borg Fleet Linked Edition. “We can monitor their equipment and cut downtime by providing service and parts on a timely basis. Borg Fleet Linked Edition is the most highly developed, service oriented, system on the market.”

Coupling Borg Fleet’s predictive maintenance with the Linked Edition’s streamlined customer service, dealers and customers will finally have a direct connection. Customers can literately forecast a maintenance issue before asset downtime occurs, while at the same time dealers/ service providers can market specials for those specific parts/ service needed and supply them all by looking at one screen and clicking one button. The net effect: cost-savings for fleet operators and increased business for the dealers.

About BorgSolutions, Inc.

BorgSolutions is the leading provider of fleet management solutions that effectively reduce operating, labor and other costs for construction, oil & gas, fleet rental and transportation companies. Its flagship platform, Borg Fleet, empowers customers to easily manage all aspects of their fleet’s operations, and utilizes real-time data analytics for predictive maintenance and repair scheduling, parts, inventory and fuel management, and various otherwise time-intensive, costly tasks. BorgSolutions is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with offices in Puerto Rico to service the Latin America markets and Germany to service the EMEA markets. For more information, please visit, or call 1-877-801-8084.

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