OEM Programs

Why would an OEM choose to offer its customers a telematic and/or service management solution? The answer, of course, is to increase parts and service revenues and/or equipment sales. An Accenture study on the use of telematics indicated over 60% of equipment manufacturers see the primary benefits of telematics as: (1) improved profitability through enhancement to contracted services, (2) increased parts and service revenues, and (3) improved target marketing to sell additional parts, services, and new equipment. The irony of this widespread acceptance of why an OEM would want to offer a telematic solution is that no OEM solution today provides any functionality to directly increase parts, service, or equipment revenues. Borg Fleet OEM does.


By utilizing telematic data to drive parts orders and service requests, Borg Fleet OEM enables equipment manufacturers and their dealers to:

  • Increase parts revenues
  • Promote targeted services and equipment specials to end-users
  • Increase service revenues
  • Drive incremental equipment sales
  • Capture key data for warranty claim validation
  • Capture equipment usage information

For a complete list of benefits and information on becoming an OEM Partner, please contact our Channel Sales Department

Don't Take Our Word for It.

"Borg Fleet gives me a comprehensive tool to control my fleet, track my inventory, work orders, personnel and more. To me this is the biggest bargain available to our industry today!"

Robert Spooner, Director of Maintenance - Hecor, Inc.

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